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Stitch It Up is your one stop shop for top quality, custom-branded corporate, team and special event wear. You've only got one chance to make a good first impression, and our talented and dedicated design team will ensure your first impression will be your BEST!



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When it comes to establishing your brand, there’s nothing like the aura of competence, confidence, and professionalism generated by Stitch It Up’s custom branded wearables. Your clients will agree: professionalism sells, and your clients are buying.



Stitch It Up has got you covered with custom wearable branding solutions that hit the target – any time, every time, anyplace and everywhere. From in-office client meetings to off-site business luncheons, golf tournaments to team-building exercises, charity events to gender reveal parties, Stitch It Up ensures your brand is the star of the show.

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No artwork? No problem! Our designers will work with you and/or your team seamlessly to create unique branded wearables you can display with pride. Speaking of which, at Stitch It Up we take pride in rising to meet – and surpass – any and all challenges. Contact us today and put us to the test; in no time at all we’ll have you looking your best!

About us

Formed by a small group of creative tradespeople who saw an opportunity to express their hard-earned skills in a collaborative venue. Our focus on corporate branding through unique, customizable and personalized wearables not only allows our in-house designers to “strut their stuff”, so to speak, but it also provides companies of all types and sizes with a new, compelling and effective way of showcasing their brand while bolstering the confidence of employers, employees, clients and customers.


When it comes to designs, the sky’s the limit – we set the bar high because we know our customers aim for the top. Meeting and beating expectations is what we do here at Stitch It Up, day in and day out. If you’ve already got a logo, we’re good to go. There are situations and occasions where an established brand logo on its own isn’t enough, however. That’s where Stitch It Up’s creative talent really shines: we’ll take your vision and make it real. From “idea” to “ideal”, that’s the Stitch It Up philosophy!

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If you have an idea you would like put on anything, or even if you don't, our team of designers will help you!

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